Dental Trephine Drill Kit
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SurMed dental trephine drill kits for implant surgery deliver precise, efficient drilling. Shop our selection of high-quality kits today.

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Dental Implant Trephine Drill Kit

Dental Implant Trephine Drill Kit Includes:

Trephine Drills – 3.0mm
Trephine Drills – 4.0mm
Trephine Drills – 5.0mm
Trephine Drills – 6.0mm
Trephine Drills – 7.0mm
Trephine Drills – 8.0mm
Trephine Drills – 9.0mm
Trephine Drills – 10.0mm


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1 review for Dental Trephine Drill Kit

  1. Muhammad Musa

    As a dentist, I’m always on the hunt for top-notch surgical tools that make my job easier and more effective. SurMed Surgical’s dental trephine drill kit has blown me away with its quality and precision. I am more than happy with the quality and price.

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